Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

in case u were wondering...

Big Update

Hello everybodeh! I apologize for such a late post here. I have had sooo much on to be totally honest the days I've had free I haven't even felt like working. My busy month is comin' now... I have been quite exhausting and juz feel like being lazy, I wake up late when I'm off and still feel tired!! So, on a better note is on a rehab in a while... setting off all d alarms... cross my fingers, hold my toes! lalalalalalaaaa.... "PAINSTAKINGLY CONSTRUCTED'' it's not the longest therapy in the world plg... I juz wanna shakes it off. I'm changing it to a new design. Boring udah ku mliat this black layout. Kalerpul bisai kali, hahahaha... Childish aku ah.. Boredom kills wah.. Bh, tunggu lah... juz keep ur eyes peeled! 

p/s  any inquiries do e-mail aja, okay... papai..