Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Perhaps This Is Not Me..

Spiky Eye Patch Created By SuzyNiekman


Silver Neck Brace Created By SuzyNiekman

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hello Beautiful People,

So I apologise in advance for being so absent over the past few months. I'm quite busy with 'Make Me Beautiful' thingy lately. I can say I haven't really had time to upload, in truth I have - but I have wanted to keep my new works unique. Not all is complete and I still have many stories I would like to capture. I have made so many precious contacts that have changed my work for the better - TQ so much to the models and my retouching has improved - with help of persistance and honest guidance from loved ones and friends and I am proud of the new work I have produced, even if it's far from where I started - my work is still me. How I started has shaped what I am today and how I see. I'm hoping next year I'll continue to get better technically in my camera knowledge and in concepts.
If you do wish to keep updated with me regulary, please follow my twitter and my facebook page (links are on the right hand page). I will also be getting a brand new website soon and a new blog, so all words and work will be fresh.